Intuiface powered interactive research experience at Glasgow Science Centre’s Bodyworks space


Hi, Community!

Today, I’d like to show & tell another great Intuiface success story coming from a semi-permanent interactive exhibit at Glasgow Science Centre called “The Proteus Research Capsule”.

PhD students from the University of Edinburgh and Postdoctoral Researchers from the EPSRC Proteus International Research Collaboration worked collaboratively for over a year with the Glasgow Science Centre creative team to produce the interactive research capsule, as part of the Centre’s Bodyworks space.

The interactive exhibition has 3 components: an interactive diagnostic game, a model of the technology, and an informative touchscreen, built with Intuiface. Intuiface especially allowed the University of Edinburgh students to improve the overall aesthetics, efficiency, and effectiveness of the interactive experience resulting in more welcoming and engaging visitor experience.

At this interactive research capsule, visitors can control a digital bronchoscope in order to find and diagnose infection in the lungs within a fun game environment.

You can learn more from the story told by the University of Edinburgh students here:

All photo credits: Callum Bennetts, Maverick Photo Agency
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