Intuiface on ipad

Once published and shared the experience, i tried it on my ipad. Is this free for anyone who has intuiface player in their device or they need to go signup? And another question. After I close the app and reopen it. Is it really going to redownload the whole experience again because it did in mu device. Im using data so i think it will consume my data everytime it redownloads.


If you’d like to share the Experience with people who don’t already have an Intuiface account, we recommend using the Share by URL method.

In regards to your second question, the Experience is downloaded once to install it locally on your device, and will not redownload every time you use your device, unless you have published an update to your Experience. In that case, it will download the newer content.

If you’re worried about data consumption, you might want to try running your device in offline mode (unless you have features that require a network connection like a web browser), Outside of features that require a network connection, the Player really only needs to be online whenever your subscription renews so that it can connect to the license server, or of course, when you’d like to update the version of your Experience that is hosted on the device.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Do i have to purchase a license to be able to use this on other ipad without redownloading everytime i open it. I just tried opening it again and the experience is missing so i have to download it all again.

Hi @ev.harris18,

You see in this article the limitations of an unlicensed Player.

Regarding your questions about licensing, someone from our sales team will contact you shortly to discuss about your usage and needs.