IntuiFace on Android triggering Bluetooth components

I’ve reached out to Nexmosphere to see if they can share any examples, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if anyone here has successfully pulled this off. Thanks!

Hi Cullen,

I’ve never attempted to do such a thing, so please keep us posted here of what you discover :wink:
Just for my curiosity, what kind of components do you want to trigger and what’s your use case? (send a pm if you prefer)

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LED components. Though Nexmosphere is using an Android based LED triggering setup, it is all wired to a miniPC. There are also plenty of Android apps for controlling LED via Bluetooth, of course. I think the best bet for now is using the Phillips Hue IA with a Lightstrip Plus V4.

I’m not sure why you’d need a miniPC with Nexmosphere since we support them on Windows but also Android and BrightSign. That’s not a wireless setup but would still work with a single Android device.
Wouldn’t that be a simple / efficient solution for you?

Sorry, I didn’t really provide any context. I had a client entertaining the idea of having LEDs light up under their products when you touched the product icon on their Android tablet, but they wanted everything wireless.

Nexmosphere’s solution is not wireless, but can the Phillips Hue IA communicate with a Lightstrip Plus V4 via bluetooth?

This interface asset (IA) enables you to control Philips hue lights - both the bulb and the LightStrips - over a local network using any device. It is based on the REST protocol and uses the Philips hue Web API. It is a wireless option but would not use Bluetooth.


Ah, thanks for the explanation. That’s really good to know.