Intuiface has been recertified for ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the global standard for “Information Security Management” - i.e. for managing information security risk. All certified parties must create a rigorous information security management system.

Certification for ISO 27001 is a beast to get, but Intuiface received its certification back in 2020. Certification lasts three years and includes an annual audit - which we passed each year as well. And just this week, Intuiface was recertified for another three years.

You can see our certificate here, and our proof of recertification here.

Our certification guarantees that any information provided to us by prospects and customers will be protected. In the parlance of ISO 27001, Intuiface ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of that information.

As an Intuiface user, you inherit this guarantee. Pass along our certification (and even the certificate) to your or your client’s IT organization, removing any concern they may have about information security risk.

We all win!

For future reference, we have an always-updated blog entry about our certification: Intuiface Is ISO 27001 Certified. Why Does This Matter?

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