Intuiface application restarts after exiting


My Intuiface application running with a Player license restarts every time after exiting. It even restarts if I kill it with the Task manager. I have to log out to stop it from player .

It has happened on two different computers running different versions of Windows.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Hello Carlos,

Do you have an Experience starting or just the Player displaying a list of experience ? Can you provide a screenshot ?

You may also want to check your Player Preferences on Menu Manage > My Players. There are options to set it launch automatically.


Hi @Carlos,

Could you please precise how you are exiting the Player? Are you using the “Exit” action from a button within your experience, the “Esc” key of your keyboard or any other mean?

Using the task manager to kill it will make the Player think it crashed, thus its recovery system will make it start again, that’s a normal behavior.



Thanks Alex,

The experience restarts again (not the player displaying a list of the experiences)
My Player preferences have those same options selected. Deactivate Automatic Launcher and Display the Experience Panel.



Hi Seb,

It doesn’t matter how I exit the Player, it always restarts. Even from an Exit button within the experience.



Hi @Carlos,

I recommend you to start a discussion on our support website so that the team can investigate your situation.




I will do that.
It happens only with a particular experience. Others experiences exit and do not restart.