Intuiface Analytics and Feedback Text Input

I have created a survey that is connected to my Intuiface Analytics. Within the survey I have an open text input field for open typed feedback. I can get the analytics to connect, and I can get the field input to go directly to an excel sheet - but is there any way to get the open field text to go together with Analytics for one clean output? Thanks!

HI Justin,

In order to create a data point in Analytics containing your data, you have to use the Data Tracking Interface Asset and manually log an event.

It’s as simple as using the Excel one, the only difference is that, instead of using a binding of the data you want to create a row in Excel, you will use a binding to Log an Event.
Just give the event a name, and add a (or several) parameter with a name and value, value will be pulled with a binding.

I recommend you to watch this Analytics dedicated webinar, around 27’27", you will find a detailed explanation of what you want to do.

Kind regards,