Introducing the Non-Interactive Player

With Intuiface, you can deliver both interactive and traditional, non-interactive signage. However, because our name is synonymous with interactivity, many of you probably don’t even think of Intuiface for the pure broadcast-like approach. You could do it all and you may not have even known it!

To help reinforce this dual approach, and to raise the visibility of Intuiface for traditional signage, we’ve decided to introduce a Player alternative. This brand new “Non-Interactive Player” is half the price of our regular Player and was created specifically for running passive signage.


All human-machine interaction options and all machine-machine interaction options other than data connectivity have been stripped out. With your existing Intuiface skills, you can create data-driven signage with classic playlist-type approaches and all the design freedom you’ve come to expect.

Our optimistic view in these troubling times is that demand is piling up behind a dam, a dam created by home confinement. With the removal of home restrictions and the beginning of a new normal, the demand will be released. Internal and third-party service providers will be inundated with requests to update existing projects and to reconfigure new projects to reflect new attitudes toward touch-first digital deployments. As we shelter in place, now is the time to assess the solutions you’re using to deliver signage projects and to consider whether Intuiface can be a viable single-solution-approach to your clients’ needs.