Introducing the 5 most appreciated Community members!


Hi Community!

Let me introduce the 5 most appreciated Community members of all time (listed in order of the date when the badge was given. The most recent on top).

This badge is given to the ones who receive at least one like on 20 different posts (total). It’s a sign that the community is enjoying your contributions to the forum! the list will continue to update so let’s get active and catch up with these guys!

CullenBi (@cullenb) - Granted 8 days ago.

Melvyn Sharpe (@melvyn_br) - Granted 16 Jul 2018

Louie Smith (@Louie_Smith) - Granted 20 Apr 2018

Paolo Tosolini (@tosolini) - Granted 18 Sep 2017

Alex Bernier (@AlexB)- Granted 29 Aug 2016