Introducing Kega (Netherlands)

Hi Community.
We skipped a few weeks of introducing Intuiface Experts due to summer holidays but now we are back on it! Today we introduce to you Kega. Kega is one of our Platinum Experts located in Netherlands. It has been a big user of Intuiface since 2016 and they have been creating visually appealing and cutting-edge digital and e-commerce solutions.

Kega’s main business focus is on

  • Magento webshops and e-commerce solutions
  • InTouch retail app & portal
  • In-store kiosks & lost sales app
  • Retail strategy
  • Digital content and design

Kega currently works with more than 65 enterprising international retailers and brands.

This is one of our favorite projects by Kega

Do you speak Dutch? Or do you think you have something to offer to Kega’s business? Maybe you can try to work with them! Kega has a few vacant positions to fill up! Here is the Job page.

Find out more about Kega on their website.

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