Introducing Intuiface Experts

Hello Community

One of our long term commitments is to help our existing, past and potential users to make more and better business thanks to and with Intuiface. Yes, we truly believe in going together to go far. We think that by encouraging all the players across the market to collaborate around Intuiface, the best digital signage software by all means, we can accelerate product and service innovation and create sustainable business cycles in the sector that benefit everyone including the end customers.

In order to achieve our ambition, we have designed a series of programs for those who wish to do business with Intuiface. As many of you already know, one of them is called Intuiface Experts Program. Through this program, we promote qualifying companies on our Intuiface Experts webpage and share their business information and Intuiface creation examples. In addition to this exposure, Intuiface Experts are entitled to a variety of exclusive benefits one of which is the promotion via social media. We hope you noticed that we have been working hard on campaigning for the collaborative success! :hugs: (We are on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and youtube)

In the meantime, we think it’s also a great idea to introduce our experts here in User Community as a part of the benefits of Intuiface Experts Program just so that we raise the chances of bringing more collaborative opportunities to all of you. :grinning:
So from now on, we will be introducing one expert per week and we hope that you will exchange lots of Q&A and proposals. Fingers crossed!

by the way if the Expert Program sounds tempting to you, you can read more about it HERE.

Stay tuned :slight_smile: