Interface Asset js tutorial

i am looking for tutoriel or informations to created js interface asset and ifd discripteur. I found not enough information on the intuiface site.

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This should be enough information.

Let me know if this helps.

What kind of asset would you like to create?

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Thank you for your reply but I had already read these pages but there is not enouth detail for me. It will be great to have a tutorial from the beginning to explain all the process with more detail.
I want to learn how i can use js for more interaction whith intuiface var. Sometime i need more flexibility for the intuiface experience and the only sotution is to creat code with js.

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Hi @rvantony1,

As @Promultis mentioned, the page to start with is the how to create your own interface asset. To give you more details:

  • the how to create a JavaScript IA page will give you some specific details regarding JS, including Sample code you can download (the source code of the SImple counter).
  • you’ll find all the details about IntuiFace descriptors in this page. Main principles are the same than for the REST IAs, when you had to write your ifd manually for the REST ones.
  • you can also have a look at all the off-the-shelf IAs written in JS that are already embedded within Composer. You’ll find them in C:\Program Files\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Composer\Resources\Interface Assets

I hope this helps.

And before you ask, yes we plan someday to make things easier to automatically generate an ifd file for a JavaScript Interface Asset. I’d personally be the first one using it :smile:


Thank’s for your message but I had already read these pages.
I have a question, in the ifd file how is generate the signature (data,key,iv) ?
All ifd file need this part?


Hi Hervé,

These are internal IntuiLab signatures so that the Interface Assets we provide off-the-shelf can be used by all license editions of Composer, even the Free one.

For all custom built IAs, you do not need any signature since you have either a Premier or Enterprise edition level to be able to create them.