Interface Asset Item highlight

Hi Community,
I have build an interface asset via an excel file. Is it possible to highlight the tapped item of the template and remove the highlight when tapping on the next item? For example to change the opacity of the image in the asset template or show and hide a simple line at the bottom of the template. I’m using composer essential so it isn’t possible for me to place some javascript.
Hopefully you can help me …

Cheers, Christian

Hi Christian @hecker,

Did you consider using a Toggle button with its Toggle set feature?
Don’t hesitate to post some snapshots of your design so we can give a more precise answer.


Hi Seb,
that’s it! … thanks a lot … we used the toggle set feature to uncheck all other toggle buttons in the template. Works fine …


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Hi @Seb, now I have another problem with my interface asset and the toggle button. Inside the interface asset everything works fine with highlighting the tapped button. But the interface asset controls a document viewer. So if I swipe inside the document to the next side, I want to say the toggle button inside the interface asset to toggle. But this doesn’t work. I can’t link into it. Is there a possibilty to do that?

Hi @hecker,

For a more dedicated assistance, I recommend you to contact our support team and share your experience with them: xp-for-support (at) Intuiface (dot) com



Ok, thanks a lot. I drop you a line.