Interactive short movie experience with Intuiface

Hey Community,

I’m quite new to digital signage and interactive touchscreens and maybe you can help me with my idea.

I’m interested in creating an interactive touchscreen experience where users will watch a short movie, which allows them to make decisions for the main character in that movie, so they can decide which outcome they get.
Similiar to the interactive movie “Bandersnatch” created by Netflix. The idea is to connect different video clips depending on the decision making by the user.

I couldn’t find any simliar experiences during my research and would like to know if something like this is possible to create with Intuiface, in general.

Here is an example, how a decision making scene looks like in the movie “Bandersnatch” on Netflix.

Thank You!

how will the users decide what they want - do they click buttons on screen which takes them to the relevant content

Yes, they can make their decisions by clicking a button which should initialize the next scene immediately.

Hi @daniel.steinke,

First, welcome to the Community! :tada:

About your project, a first simple way you can use is to create a scene for each “branch”.
On each scene, you will have:

  • a Video Asset (to play the video)
  • a set of Buttons changing to the chosen scene according to user choice

That’s really the simplest way to go and you will have as much scenes as you have videos but if you’re just beginning with Intuiface (step by step tutorial) you will be able to create a proof of concept Experience really quick.

A different way to go (more elaborate but it will save some time/volume), would be to use an Excel Interface Asset where you put in every row record the data about the current video, the possible output etc. Then on a unique scene, you load the current state (video to play, button options) and change it on the fly based on user choices.
In this case, I recommend you to know already the basics and fundamentals (tutorial) then to check this Excel dedicated Webinar.

Kind regards,