Interactive Shelf

Hi Guys

Here it is case we created to IBM. This is motion sensor activate IF and log data to the IF dashboard

We are still improving the product, since IF provide alot of Features that we could add to this product like : Registration form, Compare products if 2 of the have been lifted, turn on shelf light according with AI data (gender recogntion, age etc)

Recently I read a about a new IF partner (nexmosphere) that produce sensors for this kind of application

If you any other ideas let me know!!!



super! Thanks Marcelo :slight_smile:

Planning to run a joint webinar with Nexmosphere on Nov. 20th. Stay tune for the announcement @marcelo!


Great job @marcelo! Looks very nice and professional.

Can you ask them if there’s a way to push Data to a NFC chip, i.e:
You have a mobile device, rather than just have to Scan a QR code on screen, to download a voucher, or PDF, you tap your phone against a “dynamic NFC” device next to the Screen (i don’t know the name for it), and you download to your phone…

Hi @Ryan,

I’m not familiar with this scenario, but I’m guessing that if you encode a URL in an NFC tag and “scan it” with your phone, you’ll get that content downloaded on your phone.
You do need to have NFC activated on the phone, and not sure if you’d need a specific app or not on the phone.

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DTAG100 will allow you to do this.