Interactive mockup

The project is really easy.

I want to do an APP or a web directory where you can interact a tablet with a computer. For now we have made a web address that links the computer and the tablet but we want to give it a more aesthetic touch and I think that Intuiface is ideal for it purpose.

Ideally, I need that somebody would make us a base application that is easy to modify the interface and some simple functionality and form it we work.

Thanks you

:raised_hand: Could you tell me more about the specific requirement via PM?

Hello Louie,
I don´t know how to send a PM in this Forum, can you send me a PM first? Thanks you

@mgonzalez you can click on the user name and then on the message button on the popup :wink:


I can´t see the button

Oh, that’s due to the forum policies, only user granted with the Member Trust level can send internal messages (to avoid spam). We’re gonna dig into that and see if we can make it simpler. Sorry for the inconvenience.



@mgonzalez I will send you a PM now.