Interactive flip book

Hi Experts, does anyone have experience in developing an interactive flipbook, basically need the flip page animation we have when the document asset is set to book. But need to be able to add interactivity into each page… like multimedia, images etc, that are bound to each page.

Any pointers are welcome.


Neat idea. I could see it as being a children interactive story.

Could just have a blank document with a number of page equal to the size of the book and have an intuiface group fade in/out after the page is turned using the “Reaches a page” trigger.

Not very graceful I’m afraid.

Never mind, it doesn’t work very well, when you slowly touch and drag the page.

The “best way” for doing this would be to have a “Book collection”. Each page could then be a Group with all the assets you want.

Good news: it’s identified in the roadmap.
Less good news: it’s in the long-term one, so no release date yet.

In the meantime, I guess you can try to use a “Page is changed” trigger, with conditions on the page number, to display the right group at the right location. If you have a static book, that could work. If it’s a free-container book, might be more complex and “not very graceful”.


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Thank you all, let me try and see what works, hope to see this soon in the future releases


Hi Seb, could not find the page is changed with on conditions, I am guessing you are meaning to add the page is changed trigger, then add IF conditions to the specific page, but could not find it.

Tried putting the group on top with the book below, but it looks too artificial, i mean you can turn the page in the back but the front group stays static and definitely looks like its a separate thing.

Hi Melvyn,

I was indeed thikning of the “Page is changed” trigger + a condition on that trigger. See snapshot below.

Depending on how much of the book page should be interactive, you could maybe:

  • have the static content in the real PDF page, so it follows the page movement when turning the page
  • have only the dynamic/interactive content in a group, and use a “user activity detected” trigger to hide this group while the page is being manipulated

Again, not the best solution, but I don’t have a better option to propose at the moment.

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Hi Seb, thank you for this, I will try it out and keep you posted.

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