Interactive Display for the real estate market

The system :desktop_computer: we developed

:white_check_mark: contains content and personalized layout, following the visual identity of the campaign.

:white_check_mark: it is intuitive, dynamic and easy to understand.

:white_check_mark: the presentation is organized and scripted.

:white_check_mark: we include all digital media tools, such as videos, photos, 360 ° virtual tours, virtual model.

:white_check_mark: Data tracking - data and information collection with intuitive online dashboard.

:recycle: Reduces environmental impact and waste production with folders and flyers.

:calling: Remote support

:brazil: We have reached the entire national territory and are ready for expansion.

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Very nice work on making this experience so media rich, yet user friendly!


Glad you liked it! We’re posting more contents like this in the next weeks. Hope you enjoy!

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