Interactions stop responding when text field is present

Hi, I’m just trying to figure out an issue that I’m having. It’s a simple setup for a survey with all options simply moving the user forward to the next question, and a Home button that pops up an overlay asking if the user is sure or not if they want to return home. This particular question however has an “other” option with a text field that users can enter their own answer.

For whatever reason, on any question that has this text field, if a user presses the Home button but then answers “No” to going home, all interaction becomes disabled. I’ve been trying to figure this out and I’m not sure if I’m missing something simple, or if this is a bug of some sort. Whether the user interacts with the custom text field or not prior to hitting home doesn’t make a difference with the issue.

This problem does not occur on any questions that don’t have a custom text field. I’ve attached an image detailing my scene layout and the triggers for the “Home” and the “No” answer button.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


Hi @gmerritt,

First I’d recommend you to think about using real buttons instead of images to trigger your actions. That’ll give some feedback to the users.

Then I don’t see any reason for a Text Input field to “block” the interactions on other components, unless it’s visible and overlapping the other interactive components.

If you need further assistance, I recommend you to start a discussion with the support team that’ll ask you to share your experience.