Interaction conflict even with scroll disabled

The “Furniture” collection has intentionally disabled vertical scroll.
The “Template for items of records 1” collection allows drag, move, zoom, etc. manipulation within the “Pinboard” collection

The problem is that the drag gesture only works if I start dragging sideways.
When I pull up or down nothing happens. This is probably because this gesture belongs to the “Furniture” collection, which is the parent collection of “Template for items of records 1”

But this should not happen because all interaction with the “Furniture” collection is disabled!

How to solve?

I created a photo mosaic and would not want to have to manually assemble it by linking item to item in the API call. That’s why I used a collection.


Hi Jhoni @schumannlabs,

I’m going through the community threads and not sure you got an answer about this one.
Did you ask about this topic on support? If so, can I close this topic?



Yes, this is already with Support.
Id #16822