Interacting with two third party applications with transparent background - Unreal Engine

Hi everyone!

I’m testing out Intuiface to try and figure out if we can use it for a video wall we’re working on.
I would love to get some input on what’s doable or not. I checked on the documentation and forum but no luck so far.

A - We need to integrate two Unreal Engine experiences to Intuiface. Is there a way to integrate the UE game directly in Intuiface or is using this method the best?

B - I was able to integrate one Unreal Engine experience using the method above, but our video wall will actually embed 2 Unreal Engine experiences which will be interacted with by 2 different users.
The problem is that once you click on one of the two UE experiences, then windows “focuses” on it and the multitouch doesn’t allow a second user to interact with the second game.

See attached a mockup of how our Intuiface experience will be split up.
I put in red the Intuiface elements (3 browsers) and in blue the Unreal Engine windows which are being interacted with as a background element.

Let me know if you have any questions or if my explanation is not clear.


Hi Chris,

I can’t speak for the Unreal engine and the way it handles the multi-touch with the Windows events layers, but on the Intuiface side, we “just” let the touch go through the transparent areas you define and let Windows handle these events with whatever is running behind the Intuiface experience.

Regarding the way of embedding an Unreal engine app, this indeed looks like the best way to integrate it within Intuiface.
With Unity, I know you can export the app as a web app then run it in our web browser asset. I’m not familiar enough with Unreal engine to say if you could do something similar or not.