Integrating Intuiface Experiences with FreeTouch

Has there been any interest or discussions with FreeTouch, which offers control of touch displays via a mobile app.


We haven’t formally validated it yet - @Seb will actually be checking early next week - but we’ve had more than one discussion with FreeTouch over the past couple of months. Their value prop is the ability to work with anything running on the display. No reason to think Intuiface will be a special exception. Should work just fine.

After validation, if support is confirmed, we’ll add them to our Tech Ecosystem.

Good news, Geoff… FreeTouch seems like a natural integration with Intuiface. Looking forward to Seb’s discovery.

We’ve done extensive testing with FreeTouch over the last week and it’s absolutely seamless. There are some things to think about when designing an experience (screen orientation, swiping and dragging, etc), but overall it feels like the best device controlled app so far.

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@shpeterson, I confirm @janelle’s comment: using FreeTouch with Intuiface is a no-brainer. Since the QR Code will have a fixed location and will always be visible, you do need to think about it during your design phase.

When doing my tests, the cursor wasn’t as fluid as I was expecting but it was completely acceptable and probably due to my network.

Thank you for the testing, Janelle and Seb. This is great news, and I look forward to testing FreeTouch, as well.

and et voilà! Freetouch is our latest addition to the Intuiface Tech Ecosystem!