Instructions to update experience in the player version?

Is there a link to this somewhere? Need to explain to someone not local how to do it.

I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what you need. Do you need to tell someone how to update their player?

Yes. Detailed instructions for someone who isnt very savvy with this sort of thing.

Ah! Okay, thanks. Let me see what I can look up for you! :slight_smile:

Is their Player on a machine that isn’t hardwired to the internet? Usually if you go to open it up, it looks for an update I think.

UPDATE: I’d start with this article

Or then there’s this…


Its connected to the internet but i dont know if its hardwired or wifi.

Hi @trenken311,

The remote update of Player / Experience that @megan mentioned is only available to Enterprise level customers.

If you have an Essential or Premier account, you need to go through the manual process, meaning opening the Player on the machine itself and downloading the new version of your XP in the XP Panel.


Thanks, @Seb! :slight_smile: