Information about loaded XP

As nice as the MC is, I think it is missing some features that would make it more useful for debugging deployments. At the moment you can only know the time at which it was published.
For example, it would be very useful to know what version of an XP is loaded on each specific player. Maybe have some custom fields in the project properties that developers can use to track version number, changes, etc, and then have them available in the MC for each loaded XP.

You can see what version the XP you have you just need to name it examplev1.ixf thats how you would tell what version of an xp you are running. It does also tell you in the management console once you click on a machine.

@Promultis suggestion can work, however it implies that you upload again the full XP and download/deployed it again fully on all device running the player.

With @miguel_rosa suggestion, it would be possible to limit the bandwidth usage (both for the upload/download) by using our incremental upload/download feature.

So for me having a version number (or an upload date/time) visible on each player would really help for managing large deployment


Yes exactly.
Without wanting to stray too much from the topic of version tracking in MC, another helpful feature would be to be able to delete local stored XPs on a per player basis. I had some issues with deployed XPs with content that did not update as supposed and the only way to get them ok was to delete the XP from the local storage. And that you can only do on the player app itself!