In Search of ID reader

We’re trying to find a solution for intuiface where as a person can hold their drivers license under a scanner and transfer data to intuiface to partially complete a form. Are there any known third parties that might integrate?

Hey @programmers Chuck,

Maybe this could be of use to you? Free OCR API

I haven’t tested this personally but give me a shout if you get any further

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Awesome, thanks @Promultis! We’re doing research now to find the best hardware solution and will probably start on this feature in another month or two.


Anybody have good divers license scanning hardware recommendations which would seamlessly connect to a free standing kiosk?

Hi Chuck @programmers,

I don’t have a specific reader to recommend, but I do have a question for you: what kind of information are you looking to get out of a driver’s license? The question/research might be more about the SDK / API behind the reader than the reader itself, no?

Just basic information to complete a signup form. Name, address, license number, expiration so as long as the reader has a windows SDK we should be golden.

Just from a quick research, I can’t find anything that stands out as “the device to use” for your use case.
Although, I found a lot of “OCR APIs” with driver’s license (DL) feature, but none open source / free to use (again, a quick research only).

This one seems to have 500 “pages” per month for free, so I would give it a try. Whether you run it locally on the same Windows machine or host it as a web service is up to you: Node.js Driver's License OCR

I would probably give a try to the following workflow

  • use the Webcam Asset to take a screenshot of the driving license
  • either pass the filepath to your local instance of that AI processor, or upload it to the cloud (using this, for ex), then pass the online URL as a parameter to the hosted web services
  • Retrieve the DL content as JSON and use to pre-fill your text inputs.

Just keep in mind to whom / where you are sending this DL private data :slight_smile:

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