Improving performance of a content heavy application

I am building an interactive presentation application for a client where the entire content is hosted online on Google Drive. The entire contents mainly including images are controlled using Excel Sheets. As it is content heavy (6.5gb), the application is slowing the system terribly and is not working smoothly. We are using a system with i7 and 16gb ram and the application is using 100% of its CPU performance when accessing the slides with images. Kindly suggest a solution to make the application run smoothly without any lagging.


Hi @shameer,

Can you share this XP with our support team so we can have a look at its structure and maybe make some recommendations?
You can publish it and share it as a reader with xp-for-support (at) intuilab (dot) com



Hello Seb,
Sorry for the delay.

I have shared the xp with you. Kindly look into it and suggest some solutions to optimize the application. For start, we reduced the image sizes which was a major issue but the application is still lagging. There seems to be lag when entering a new scene every time.

Awaiting your response

Hi Shameer,

I had a first look at your experience and files. I confirm the images you are using are pretty big and there’s room for optimization here.

I used Windirstat to generate this file size map:

You can see that 2.0GB / 2.3GB of the total project are used by the files referenced within your Excel file.

If I look at 1 of these folder, I can see images which are way more than 4K resolution and > 10 or 15 MB.

You can use a tool like Light Image Resizer to quickly reduce the size / weight of these images.

I applied this method on the 2 biggest folders Esquire Gent’s Evening and Ahlan Hot 100 2018 and reduced the size by 78%


I recommend you to do a first pass on these media files and send me an updated (and lighter :slight_smile: ) project version to see if you need more optimization.