Import Video

After I deploy the Experience and it is live. I want to be able to make a video, then insert it into a certain sceen. I do In-Home Sales Presentations. I video what I see on the roof, then I want to use that video in my Intuiface Sales presentation. The video will be different for EVERY presentation.

Hello Dan,

If you are using a Windows Player device there are a couple way that this can be done.

You can use the Headless CMS and add a video asset bound to the HCMS base with a video property type. Then when you need to update the video on HCMS base to the one you just made. This will then show up in your experience.

Another option would be to create the experience and replace the video in the experience folder with the new video making sure to keep the same name of the video file.

If you are using something other then a Windows Player device, then another option could be to use Airtable. Here is more info on using Airtable with Intuiface.

For more specific assistance Iā€™d recommend you to contact our support team to get the best assistance and follow-up, rather than our public community.


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