Import Scenes / Bulk Copy/Paste Scenes


I work a lot with scenarios where I need to customize my experiences to meet the needs of several of my business units at any given time. I’m constantly having to grab multiple entire experiences and combine them into one single experience (and no customized experience is ever really the same twice).

It’d REALLY help speed things up and streamline my workflow if there was a way developed that you could open an experience and import all the scenes from another experience all at once. Either that, or be able to hold down shift and select multiple scenes from one experience to be copied…in order to be pasted into another experience’s scene structure.

As it stands right now, a user (at least to my knowledge) has to copy and paste scenes from one experience to another one single scene at a time.


Hi @andrew.gentry

I’m not sure you are aware but here’s a quicker solution to copying scenes, You could add all the scenes into a sequence and then right click and copy the sequence and paste the sequence into the new XP. This will save you having to do them one by one.

Here is a link to the article on KB Click me!

I hope this helps.

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Thanks - I’m trying to utilize it as we speak. It looks to be a decent work-around. Thanks for your reply.