Import an experience into another experience


I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to import one experience into another. Perhaps linking or merging experiences together could be another way of thinking about it. I would like my business partner to work on a few slides, while I work on a few slides and at the end of the day we could combine our work. Thanks for any insight.


Hi @paul_hilsen,

You can open multiple instances of composer and then copy paste scenes from one to the other.
Here’s a short post about this topic.


Hi Anastasia, Has Intuiface moved on in anyway on this subject. I would like to copy hundreds of Scenes from one experience to another, is there a way to do multiple scenes at once?


Designer 1: Makes “Menu Experience”
Designer 2: Makes “Brand 1 Experience (100 scenes)”
Designer 3: Makes “Brand 2 Experience (100 scenes)”
Designer 4: Makes “Brand 3 Experience (100 scenes)”

I then need to make one big experience that combines all of those above. Is copying and pasting my only option? also this breaks experience layers? Can I also turn off multiple Experience layers at once without doing 100s of pages individually?



Hi @martin.collins

A quick alternative to put each scene into a scene sequence then copy the scene sequence into the new xp




Wow… 100 scenes is huge… your computer is going to do some over time :). Once I did an XP this way and ended up with 75 scenes for a single XP and the computer went into overload.

Like they mentioned above… open the 4 experiences (XP) in 4 multiple composers and copy paste the entire lot across, you will have to copy everything in the scenes.

On second thoughts, if you’ve got 100 scenes in 1 XP, and if they’re the same layout, you should consider using an excel database source, that way, if all 100 are the same, you’d end up with maybe only 1 scene which is far more easier to copy across and manage.


Thanks @melvyn_br for the advice, I was going to go the same way :slight_smile:

Hi @martin.collins,

I agree with our friends above, before thinking about merging those huge experiences into a single one, I’d first try to see if each experience can’t be simplified in a much lower number of scenes.
I’ll send you a separate email to discuss that.



Hi Mike, Can you copy a complete sequence? without having to do the next scenes? (I’m AFK from Intuiface right now)


Yes, you can copy any sequence you like, should not be a problem


I confirm, just right-click the sequence and select “copy”