Image Sequences for Media/Buttons etc

I’m at a visual effects studio using Intuiface for a client. and having custom images for media and buttons is great. However, I am a motion designer and if I could make an animated button animation for example, and render it out as a .png sequence with alpha, and on press have a nice animation play through once and stop, then on release have another sequence play, and when it is idle have a looping animation such as a shimmer effect, that would be really great for presenting a polished and engaging presentation.

Alternatively, is this possible with video files currently? I would have to blend the background of the video with the same color of intuiface background but I could possibly work around it through video, albeit with slightly bigger files.

Hi @will1,

You could maybe give it a first try using animated GIF images with the Image Button asset. Tell us if that would be a solution for you.


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Thank you for the quick response, I will go ahead and try animated gifs, that seems like a very logical solution. I will respond with how it works out!

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Very nice idea. How did it work out for you?

It works! However, I’m still trying to make it work just right.

I have to dig through the actions to find out if it can see when the .gif loop ends and then send it back to original button .gif. Right now I have it set to toggle visibility after a set amount of time, which causes some delay issues and lots of trial and error of flipping back and forth the visibility.

Another issue, (my own expectations more than anything) is that I was expecting button actions a little closer to Flash, with press, release etc. Intuiface only seems to have Tap actions for buttons. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right place, but only having a Tap function limits the amount of usability for this concept.

I will continue with R&D and see if anything else comes up!