Image , Move Snapshot Layers?

Hi There everyone

i have an image (button) its inside a group and on a layer, is it possible to click the button and maybe take a snapshot of it and move it to the top layer (bring to front) and then animate its position.

I want to move and scale it to a certain area on screen but it seems to vanish behind the group area as its inside a group so my work around was maybe moving it to top layer if possible

You can definitely change the Z index of the button, you can trigger this off anything basically WHEN Button is pressed THEN change Z index and move to the front.

But you could try and create a trigger on the scene as to WHEN Snapshot is taken THEN change Z index? I don’t have composer open so I cannot confirm that will work, if not you could set the URI of the Snapshot to an image asset and then change the Z index of the image.

thanks louie