Image File Location Can't be Found from Excel

I have an Excel worksheet with image locations in one column, when the Excel worksheet is imported to the Composer the images cannot be found. No matter where I have the Image folder saved, or how I type in the file location I get the same error. I might be missing something small and easy, so any help would be great!

Hi @koochmuseums ,

I recommend you to open a ticket to Support.

Please don’t hesitate to provide any details in the ticket, like running on Player or Composer, which version, on which OS etc. and share your experience with

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Hi Cori @koochmuseums,

I second Alex’s suggestion to open a ticket on support. Just for the sake of general understanding

  • Do you have a folder Images right next to your Excel file, within the directory of your experience, and not in the original folder where you imported your Excel file from?
  • Are you seeing this error message in Play mode in Composer? If so, are you using Player for Windows or Player for other platforms play mode?
    • In the second case, make sure you have referenced the file names / file paths with the proper lower/uppercase characters.
    • You should also double check the extensions, since I see both .jpg and .jpeg.

See you on our support platform :wink:

Hi, I am having the same issue. Did you find any solution?

Hi Seb,
I have my images folder in the right directory next to my excel sheet. On my windows PC, I see this error in the play mode of the composer. I have rechecked for the uppercase and lower case letter and image extensions. Please let me know if there’s a way to fix it.

Hi @pushpitasaha_2025,

I recommend you open a ticket with Support and share your experience with

Then we can take a look and see what is happening with your experience.