If/Then Values To Show 2 Images


I’m needing to create an instance where if one of my excel values is “true”, then the scene displays one image, and likewise if the value is “false” then the scene displays a different image.

I’m completely stumped. Is there a simple way to bind one situation to two images?

Hi @andrew.gentry,

1 way of doing this it to:

  • add both images
  • bind first image visibility property on the Excel value (if true, image is visible)
  • bind second image visibility property on the same Excel value, and add a Not converter on top of this binding (if false, image is visible).


Seb is right. And if you needed to do more actions according to the True/False, then you could simply bind the Checked state of a toggle button. When True, Toggle is checked and does X actions. When False, Toggle becomes Unchecked and does Y actions.

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