If, Then or Else

I would like to see if we can get an action that states if (Blank) is equal 1 Then do (go to scene 2), Else do (skip to scene 3).

Something along those lines so that way you dont have to program a if then statement on a bunch of things hoping that they all work out together.


Bobby Krueger

Have you looked at how conditionnal triggers work? http://support.intuilab.com/kb/triggers-and-actions/conditional-triggers

Perhaps, they can help you achieve what you need.

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Way behind on the reply for this but thanks for that @Chloe .

I use those all the time but when you have 50 different things going its better to have the following script work so logic can be in place that doesn’t require to cover ever single instance of what might happen.

Lets say you want a random number picked and that would be between 1 -100

I would like it to say if the number equals 12 then do this, unless 12 was already shown Then do this.

I could not get it to pick a new number if the number was already shown thats why I thought If,Then, Else would be great to have in the program.


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HI @eplotkin,
I know it’s been a while, but I just happened to come across this post. Maybe you’ve found your answer by now, but a work-around had popped into my head.

When someone selects a number, add it to a cell in excel. When someone picks another number, first filter the excel spreadsheet by the number they select. If the number of records is 0 after filtering, you know that number has not been picked yet. If the number is anything other than 0, you know that it has been picked.