IA Excel - Link Asset Grid to folder using Excel


When building a collection, say Asset Grid, it can be link it to a folder so that the content is dynamically generated with the images within that folder.

But I would like an IA Excel file to decide the folder that it is linked to, so that I can change the location of the folder by editing the excel file.

Is this possible and how?

Hi @lnadel,
Could you explain why do you want to change the folder the IA is linked to? What is the scenario you are trying to achieve?

Hi Anastasia,

Thanks for responding.

I have an asset grid collection, lets call it a gallery, it has multiple photos of a building (real estate.)

In the buildings Gallery, it shows the restrooms, the living room, the kitchen, etc.

The user can change the property and the gallery updates with it. Each property has a different number of photos, for example, building at “123 drive” could have 2 photos in the gallery, but building at “456 road” has 40.

The project is databased driven, using an excel file, and it seems like if you want to change an image using excel, each image needs to have its path defined within the excel file, for example: I can update a photo by binding it to “Photos/Restroom_1.jpg” within excel, which is great for a few images.

But this project has a lot of images and a lot of properties, hundreds of them, all requiring a hand written path. (Very time consuming, and difficult for less tech savvy people)

Thats the concept.

I noticed that there is an option in Intuiface to drag a folder into the project, and it dynamically creates a asset collection of all the images within that folder. It doesn’t require you to hand write the path for each photo. I am looking for a way to combine the ease of use of that function and flexibility of an excel databased driven experience.

So I could write in my excel file:
Bind that to an asset grid image and it would dynamically create a asset collection with all the photos in that folder.

Does that make sense? Is there a way to do that or even a workaround using Javascript or something?

Hi Inadel, Anastasia,

Did you find a solution? I need to do exactly the same thing.


Cool idea! I don’t think IF has off the shelf features for that quite yet. Pretty good idea though!

@Inadel A possible work around - could you somehow upload all your pictures to a wepbage of some kind for each property? Then put that one link into the Excel file and people can scroll through the web browser when it opens?

Or what if you created a multi-page PDF for each property - so people could page through that?

lnadel here posting from a different account.

My work around: I wrote a program/script outside of the Intuiface software that crawls through all files in a selected folder and dumps the filenames and their extensions into notepad. Then it just a matter of pasting over the new excel column with the new data.

It’s a hacky workaround. Hope they develop an official solution.

If you want my script/program it is here

It is written/compiled for AutoHotkey. You extract the file, double click the Exe select the folder you want a dump of all the file names for. I’ve included the uncompiled script as an .ahk file if someone wants to modify it.

Hey mark, this is lnadel posting on a different account.

I did not find an official solution so I ended up compiling a script/program that dumps all the filenames into a notepad. See my response to AlexB on this thread to know more.

Hi all,

IntuiFace 5.6 release includes a new File Service for JavaScript Interface Assets.
There’s a sample that will take a folder name as a parameter and expose a list of filenames that you can use as a data feed.

Inadel @qytiswork, could you give it a try and tell us if that would answer your need?

Note that the folders has to be pasted in this Interface Asset folder inside your project.

I’ll give it a shot when I have some free time and let you know, thanks!

Check my answer in this thread where I provided an already made sample :slight_smile: