I want to add sensor arduio in infuiface

i want to add sensor arduio in infuiface

Hi @yasserwaffaey and welcome to the Community! :tada:

To communicate with your Arduino, you can use the Interface Asset provided in this article.

This will enable you to send and receive events through Serial port but will require you to run Intuiface Player on a Windows device, and to have your Arduino ready to receive this commands to do the proper actions.

Can you tell more about your project please, what the Arduino will be used for?



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thank u Arduino - PIR Sensor this code upload from this page
I know how to play serial port and i have serial port asset How do I know that sensoe conact to intuiface

I am working on a project to turn on light and play video up when a person passes in front of me
i know turn on light but dont sensor thank u your interest

Hi @yasserwaffaey,

If not done already, you should follow this Intuiface Academy course: https://academy.intuiface.com/courses/take/connecting-to-the-world/

It will show you how to work with Interface Assets, such as the one Alex mentioned above.