I need an 'OR' filter on an HCMS column, how can achieve that?

Hi, I know there isn’t an option in the Composer for this, but is there a workaround?

Basically, I want to filter on ‘X’ or’ Blank’ so I get all the blanks and only the rows containing ‘X’. The column will have everything (e.g., A-Z), so creating a new tag column isn’t going to work, as it would be a maintenance nightmare.

I scratching my head and can’t figure it out. Any ideas?


Hello and welcome to the community @matthew.phipps,

Are you trying to use the filter to eliminate rows with a blank, and then show a specific letter value?
If this is the case you can apply a filter on the column for values that “Does not equal” and leave the value blank.

Then apply another filter for “Equals” the letter you want to show.

Note that the “Clear property filters” option is unchecked, and there is a delay start time on the second filter.

Or are you trying to show rows equal to “A” or “B”?