Hue Lights- User creation

Went to:

To find out my IP of my Hue Bridge.

Then I went to:

To create the user as stated in your document (

Went to create the user typing in the following in the Message Body:
{“devicetype”:“test user”,“username”:“test1”}

Pressed the button on the Bridge and then clicked POST, received the following error.

“error”: {
“type”: 6,
“address”: “/username”,
“description”: “parameter, username, not available”

Contacted Hues since its their device and they didn’t understand what I was trying to do. All I told them was I was following their guide on their website located here: Get Started - Philips Hue Developer Program
and I want to add a user to the device.

Wasn’t any help. Has anyone got this to work or see with my syntax what I might be doing wrong?


Hi Bobby,

The request you have sent might be deprecated according to HUE documentation here . If you are using a more recent bridge try the following request instead:

{"devicetype": "my_test_user#test1"}

the bridge should reply with the following format:


In IntuiFace, use the ip address of your Hue bridge in “Bridge IP address” and the response generated code (1028d…) for the “User name”.

Please let us know if this helps.

Best regards,