HTML Frame with URL - Clear Cache Issue


we have the code below in an experience in a HTML frame. It is an image overlay on Google Maps.

The image of the overlay was updated (additional icons (a key and coffee cup) plus street names). if loaded in an external browser, the URL displays the new map but it is yet to update within the experience (it displays the ‘old’ map). This is true on windows and android platforms.

Galaxy Tab S4 - the Intuiface Player app cached was cleared
Windows - all browser caches cleared

I republished with “zoom=20” and that got a result on the Windows PC (but not at the ‘native’ zoom=19)
There was no change on the Tab S4

<iframe src=””

anybody help me with this one


Hello Benton,

I recommend you to open a ticket on our Support Site so we can investigate.

Support Team will probably ask you to share your XP (if possible, reduced to the non-working part) with so you may want to do that just after creating your ticket.