HTML Asset Javascript connecting to Interface Asset

Does anyone have any idea if you can use javascript from within a HTML Asset to access data contained inside of an Excel Interface Asset?

For context, I have SVG map that I’m planning to setup inside a HTML Asset and then have the javascript change colors of the map based on values inside the Excel asset.

There is a good thread about SVG maps here. Not sure if it fully answers your question though.

Thank you Paolo. I think it does help in that it’s possible to communicate with an Excel interface asset. :-). Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to find and return a matching value & attribute back.

The scenario is based on a svg map of a storage unit facility, where I need to display all units and change color of the units where they are available to rent. So upon finding a match for the unit, I would return a true or false value.

I think you could invoke an action with the Excel IA from your Javascript code, but I’m not sure how Intuiface could pass the result back just as a simple TRUE/FALSE. Probably Intuiface would have to make a brand new web call to your page by passing the results of the Excel query as a parameter. @seb is probably better equipped than me to answer this one.

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We are actually handling Jeff’s question in a private support thread at the moment. Depending on the solution we find together, we might share some results with the community afterwards :slight_smile:

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