How's your desk right now?


I always have my beanie babies look after me.
Can you tell we’re all over analytics here?? Working hard!


a snapshot of my desk, as well as the back of several screens on Mihai desk!


The other side :slight_smile:


Checking in from Chicago! I like to keep things colorful over here :wink:


Messy desk = sign of genius … really? :confused:

I guess I’m dumb as a bag of hammers :grin:


Not as colorful as Helen’s


I’m sorry Alex, your desk shows no sign.


@bomee.lafitte @Alex


@Mihai wins by pure count of keyboards and displays…


Come on @Louie_Smith and @tosolini, share your geniuses’ desks :wink:



Here is mine!


In an effort to keep up with @Mihai I decided to upgrade my setup :slight_smile:


@tosolini that screen… :drooling_face:


Not usually this messy, but there’s a lot going on here…

Typically setup as;

  • Primary PC
  • Secondary PC (imaging)
  • Third PC (for testing)
  • iMac (design)
  • Old iMac (running some important unrelated software)
  • 35" Dashboard (running Intuiface of course)
  • 12" Android tablet (for testing)
  • Big old stack of iPhones (for testing)
  • 55" 4K screen (not pictured)
  • 35" 4K screen (not pictured)


Looks like @Mihai has lost his title of “person with the most screens on their desk”. :wink:

What an impressive setup, especially for the amount of space available!


New location, new desk, new view, new (small) setup to begin with :slight_smile:

Mess will maybe cross the ocean with time :smiley:


:joy:If you say you have screens above your head, I’d believe it.


After a month in Chicago, little upgrade :wink:

Now I need more screens !! :tv: :tv:


What a lovely view


@Seb Welcome to the Midwest! I hope you enjoy it, I know I do. :slight_smile: Although, I may be biased since it’s where I’ve grown up!

Well, my desk isn’t quite as lovely as @Helen 's, but I do have to echo @Chloe; I love having little beanies and toys to play with when I’m trying to figure out a problem!

Also needed, some Jolly Ranchers, my water bottle, and of course, some Passionfruit Citrus Green Tea in my Intuiface mug! (I’m on my 2nd cup today)

Below the desk: a blanket and foot warmer when it’s snowing (it may be over now? maybe not…) and a footrest (I’m short. :frowning: )