How to zoom image within a container

I am working on a project where the client requires an image to be zoomed and moved within a container/bounding area. Is there any way to constrain image zoom without showing any background? ( just like zooming and moving in maps)
Please help.

Hi @shameer,

You can use the Pinboard collection for that purpose.


Thanks for the reply. but it would be great if I can lock within the image’s dimensions. That is, avoid showing the background once the image moved to the extreme sides.

full page view

once moved to the extreme side the background is revealed. Anyway of avoiding that and constricting the extreme of the image to the actual pinboard’s extreme?

Hi Shameer,

I just had a similar scenario where I was faking a scrollable/zoomable map and solved it by using the Scroll Collection. It looks like it will work for what you’re working on as well.


You could also try using the Deep Zoom asset

Have you tried that?