How to Use Multiple Keyboard in same Scene

Hello, i am trying to use intuiface for interactive screens, but the screens are 4*2 screens, 4 screens in each row, and i need to show 2 different input forms in same page, so 2 users could use and type their data in the same page at the same time, how could i show 2 keyboards at the same time and each keyboard is responsible for its input text.

please i need your help.

Hi @haitham.fouad,

You’ll find your answer in this article from our help center.


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@seb that design accelerator is great.

Intuiface as platform to develop interactive apps in large format, where multi user scenario is very very usual, having multi keyboard should be a core feature in IF.

Unfortunately that DA have some issues and is not compatible for newer versions of IF, ticket already opened for support team.

Hope this can be fix as soon as possible.