How to use deep links with Matterport 3D virtual tours

Matterport Deep Linking

Matterport is a 3D virtual tour software platform that works in any browser, including Intuiface Web browser asset. It comes really handy if you are developing real estate touch experiences…

In this demo, we explore the use of lesser known features such as deep linking and URL parameters.

Matterport deep linking allows you to open a 3D tour in a specific location and viewpoint. This is quite useful if your Intuiface UI needs to point directly to, e.g. a kitchen or a living room of a particular 3D space. Deep links are simple URLs that can be extracted from a Matterport tour by pressing the U key.

Deep Link U

By default, Matterport loads a short flyover of the dollhouse view every time you open a tour. To skip this introduction, you can append Matterport URL parameters to each deep link, so they load much faster.

Once you have a list of deep links and related parameters, you are ready to organize them into a nice Excel database and make them accessible as an Intuiface collection in your XP.

Download this example to see all the above in action.