How to uncheck all toggle button which is created from mutliple excel sheets?

We have filter screen where user can check all toggle buttons or uncheck individually but How to uncheck all toggle buttons which is created from mutliple excel sheets in one button ?

how do i achieve this ?


Is your toggle button bound to a column of your Excel file? If so, you can check this article to put back all your cell values to “false”.

If they are not, you can reload the scene to come back to the original state for these buttons.


I had an XP with about a hundred toggle buttons and had to do the same thing. I ended up binding the TRUE/FALSE to a counter Interface asset.

Bind the True/False of the Toggle button to the counter, and use the math converter Is Equal To 2. This means that when the counter = 2, all toggles become true. Then keep your counter’s initial value as 1, so they are all false/unchecked to begin with.

When the XP is run, users can actually manipulate the toggles normally. When I needed to reset them, I set an action to change counter from 1 to 2…then back to 1 again. Essentially checking all of them, then unchecking all of them so they are back to the original state. Worked perfectly.


Thank you so much it work:slight_smile:

i followed the same steps as you took idea from previous answer