How to transfer experience to a website or other online experience available through a browser

I am looking for a way to transfer our Intuiface experience to an online platform so that anyone can use their mobile device and access the experience without installing Intuiface software. Has anyone found a good way to do that?

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Well technically you can’t do this currently but what you can do is use the Share to a URL feature withing the management console would that be suitable for you?

Thanks, Louie. That method requires a download of the player, even though the instructions state that it is not necessary to download the player. I’m looking for a company, a tool, or someone with the ability to convert the Experience into PHP or JAVA or HTML or some combination thereof so that I can access it with a browser.

Okay, well for someone to create an experience and reproduce it in HTML etc depending on the complexity will take some time and money and currently as said in my previous answer there is not an easy way for you to do it.

I hope this helps



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Louie’s right. Although with the right skills, time, and budget, anything in Intuiface can ultimately be reproduced in code, that’s a heck of a lot of skills, time, and budget. Frankly, this is the Intuiface sales pitch in a nutshell.

I’ll also add that Intuiface was not created to address browser-based distribution and playback. A design principle - similar to a traditional digital signage platform - is to target a well-understood and managed set of devices. This is in part because a random device running any of a variety of web browsers and browser versions may be inadequate to the task of running an experience. It’s also because targeted distribution and playback has its own set of rules and challenges.

NOTE: Our ambition is to one day have a Web-based Player technology. Even then, I doubt we’d support or encourage random, widespread distribution - but we would, in that case, support purely-browser-based access. No timeline to share other than it wouldn’t be before next year.


I’ve asked this now several times as I wanted to share these without downloading the player, and I finally get it. All the amazing things this is designed to do and the great features we put into these experiences needs the player. Pretty simple.

I’ve been sharing the URL with instructions to download the player on various browsers and have had really good results. The subjects of the experiences were enticing enough for my intended audience for a lot of them to go through downloading the player to see them, and they love them. I have had no complaints, though I am sure more people would have simply looked at a YouTube video than these.

Still, it is totally worthwhile to share it this way and a great option now that going virtual is our current reality.
I am very glad we have this option! Thank you!