How to stop a video intro to the last frame

how to stop a video intro to the last frame, without a mouse
switching to the next page after 2 minutes of downtime

HI @power5000,

You can select which image to display when a video ends using its Behavior when ended property.
You can use timers to specify automatic navigation actions.

Don’t hesitate to precise your question if you need more information.


Hi,Sebastien Meunier !

My name is Georgiy

I from is Moscow

Help me,please!

how to make a counter of the number of users visiting the site, which takes the information from the website and in the annex shows IntuiFace Composer .


Hi Georgiy,

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you want to achieve. Can you precise what site / website you are referring to and what would be the link with an experience built with IntuiFace?