How to send snaphot taken from webcam as image to next scene / layer so it can be shared via email


I went through the photobooth sample intuiface example but was unable to recreate the same.
How to use the snapshot taken image to email sharing?
Currently when snapshot is taken an image appears above the camera view


I have created a quick example on how to add a snapshot as an attachment to an email address body.

But essentially you need to create a trigger on the scene itself to trigger an action When > Snapshot is taken > Add item to sharing que > URI of Snapshot taken.

Then once the snapshot is added to the share que you need to create a trigger to attach the snapshot to an email that you want to send to the end user.

You need to create trigger on something to trigger the snapshot action, in your case you will need to trigger a snapshot from a webcam

The sharing que can be carried across scenes so you can have your triggers to send the email on a different scene and attached the snapshot taken as an attachment in a email.

Here is the sample:
Email Share (7.7 MB)

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Hi @PQuest,

You’ll also find detailed instructions in this article section.