How to send a high and low signal to an arduino from intuiface?

I’m making a touch kiosk which is connected to a mechanical structure. The starting of the experience is triggered with a button which triggers the mechanical structure that is it sends a high signal from to the Arduino and at the end of the experience a stop button appears which will send a low signal to the Arduino which in turn stops the mechanical structure. Please assist me in this .

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From your description it sounds like what you need to utilize is a Local Network Trigger interface asset.

Here is a help article on using Local Network Triggers. Take a look at that and if you need any additional assistance I would recommend submitting a request to our Support Team.


It should be possible if you can get the buttons to trigger keyboard inputs.

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Depending on how your Arduino is connected to the device (PC?) running your Intuiface experience, you might need to send a command over a serial port. See this article: