How to see an experience in the free version, when the licensed version is expired?

Maybe this is a really stupid question…, but as I have never worked with intuiface - just showing the installed presentations on fairs I was now in contact with Intuiface support and can´t solve it.
I see the experiences on the myintuiface page - they told me to go there, but there are just the pictures and I can´t start the experiences there.
I can´t open the player , because the licence is expired and when I want to download the free player on this link

“We have a free version for tests that you can use for as long as you want”

I have the option to register for a new account (where I will not see the experiences) or login and then I come again to the page, where I can´t do nothing.

Intuiface support gave me a long list of links, where I could start learning…
but I just want to run one experience as a demo …

Anybody can tell me what to do ?

kind regards

Hi @vera.neeten,

It looks like this question is handled by our support team, so I’m closing this topic.