How to screen mirror(airplay) my ipad in custom popped window in experience

I want to mirror my iPad screen to the perticular scene to show some AR app playing on a big screen, I read about it is achieved by connecting lightning cable but I am confused about integration.
can you please help me the process?
thank you

Hi Evangelist,

From what I understand, you want to display the content of an iPad App inside a scene of your Experience. If that’s the case, it’s not possible. If it’s not, please correct me and give me more details.

About what you read about, if you refer to that article Mirroring the iPad on a second display, it explains how to mirror your iPad on another display screen, helping you for instance to run an experience on your ipad and display it on a bigger screen.



Hi Alex,
i achieve something by doing following:
created button with trigger to launch external application (lonelyscreen) which help to cast my iPad screen on display,

but now challenge is it shows title bar and client dont want to see title bar also close/minimize button is on top RHS which are not easily accessible on 85 inch touch display.
can you suggest any alternate method/app to achieve what i mentioned.

Hi @evaz,

You could think about using the technique described in this article:


Thank you @Seb it worked for me. :slight_smile:

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